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10 Simple Tips for Debt Management |Rotherham, NZ

Essential Ways You Can Do at Home

Ensure all lights and unused devices are off or unplugged to avoid using unnecessary power. Although you may leave a machine in the off mode, it still may be using power just by being plugged in. Save money on your power bill by getting into this habit.

Sell crafts at local fairs to make a bit of cash. Also give friends or family homemade gifts rather than spending more at the local boutique. These gifts are more thoughtful and are also fun to make.

Drop the land-line if you still have one. Who really calls it at this point anyway? Your cell phone should be on your person at all times, therefore a second line should be obsolete.

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Skip the coffee, morning bagel or muffin. Making coffee at home is an alternative and is only a fraction of the price of buying it each day. Have a bowl of cereal instead, you’ll get more calcium in your diet and feel less sluggish.

Buy in bulk. If it’s buy one get one, utilize the deal. Freeze proteins or breads to guarantee freshness at a later use.  You will go through products slower, thus having to visit the grocery store less often.

When you do go out to eat with friends, drink water instead of soda or tea. Your tab will be much cheaper than usual and that’s all the more you can add to your jar of coins!

Recycle. Before you throw out used items, first see if they can benefit you with another use. Use product containers as your ‘green’ Tupperware. See if the kids can make an art project out of old goods, make it fun!

Use coupons. Make purchases only on products for which you have coupons. It may seem silly at first saving twenty cents here and there but in most cases coupons can save $30 per shopping trip on average. Many local restaurants will also feature “groupons” so you can get your friends involved too.

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Shop your insurance company for a cheaper price. You could be getting the same products and more coverage for a smaller price. Markets vary often and companies are always running special promotions for new business.

Split portions with friends when eating out. This method will not only cut down your bill but it will prevent you from having leftovers too small to box up. More often than not, when leftovers are boxed up they slowly make their way to the back of your fridge creating clutter until they finally spoil.

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